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About Jay


Hey guys ny name’s John but call me Jay.  I’m 13 years old and I live in Florida.  You might say I’m getting old for Club Penguin but that’s not what I think.  If you want to talk to me my email is and I also have a AIM which is JayD1995.


About Jay’s Penguin

My older penguin, which is now the password to Chief Pilot (so I can’t tell it) was a beta and that was my penguin for a while.  I always didn’t like trying to make money so I turned to hacking.  Eventually hacking caught up to me and I was banned forever.
I was so distraught I quit CP for over a year and a half. Then my friend, who’s a girl, gave me her penguin, Candycrunch1, which of course a girly name, and I didn’t want it. I lived with it for a while, but I got bored and decided to make Chief Pilot. At first Candycrunch1 was my main penguin but you could cleary see Chief Pilot was better. So, I made him a member around the beginning of 2007, and here I am.

At the time of this post:
My beta penguin is over 1000 days old.
Candycrunch1 is over 750 days old.
Chief Pilot is 655 days old.

I know almost all the things, parties, items that were ever in Club Penguin, I just wished I would have played, but the way CP is going in just a year I’m going to be a very rare penguin, unless they keep bringing back old stuff of course.

Well, this page has been long enough!


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