Cheat Penguin
#1 CP cheats, tips & hints from Chief Pilot!

Club Penguin Cheats

These are from the site I’m a admin at, which can be found here.

How to nub:
1. Go on
2. Press F11
3. Press the white space under the chatbar.

There you have it! You’ll be nubbing.

How to catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing:
1. Wait until you have 60 fish.
2. When you catch a fish, DON’T put it in the cooler, if you see other fishes pass by, you can replace them, you can put one in the cooler, and hold on to ther other one, do this until you see the fin of the Mullet at the bottom of the screen.
3. Just hold the small fish steady at the center.
4. The Big Fish will come and eat it.

There you go! You have caught the big fish!

How to jump to levels 10,20, and 30 on Astro Barrier:
1. At the start Menu, press 1 to go to Level 10, press 2 to go to level 20, and press 3 to go to level 30.

There! And now you can jump to other levels!

How to sit forward:
1. Make sure you are facing forward in Club Penguin.
2. Press the “s” button and you’ll be sitting down in the direction you were facing!

And there! You’ll be sitting in whatever direction you were facing!

How to get a Puffle without any name:
1. Choose the puffle you want.
2. When it gets to the name choosing part, press the space bar about 5-10 times.

And there! You’ll have a puffle with no name!

How to play Pizzatron in dessert mode: (More money)
1. Click on the lever at the starting menu before you play.

And you’ll be playing the game in dessert mode!

How to get 1,000 coins at Jet Pack Adventure:
1. Play the game, but don’t collect ANY of the coins, if you don’t have any coins by the end of the game, you’ll recieve 1,000 coins for being a skilled pilot.

And you’ll get 1,000 coins!

How to get the Rainbow Bracelet:
1. Go to the Book Room, or the second floor of the Coffee Shop.
2. Click the book “Rockhopper and The Stowaway”.
3. Go to very end at the book.
4. Click on the Rainbow bracelet at the end of the book, and it will ask you if you want to recieve it.

You’ll have the Rainbow/Friendship bracelet in your inventory after you do the steps above.

How to get Rockhopper’s Key:
1. Go to the Book Room, or the second floor of the Coffee Shop.
2. Click on the book “Rockhopper’s Journal”.
3. Go to the very last page of the book.
4. You’ll see the key at the very end.

And whenever Rockhopper comes, you’ll be able to go inside his Captain’s Quarters.

How to make Club Penguin low defenition:
1. Press the “+/=” button.

Everything will start to be very pixelated! The point of making it Low Defenition is if your computer is very slow, making it low defenition will make it faster.  If you have slow dial-up likeme, things go WAY faster.  And it doesnt’t lag as much.

Waddle On!


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