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Club Penguin Money Making Guide!

Sup enguins?

This is my awesome money making guide for Club Penguin.  Using this, you’ll be able to rack up the coins fast.  First of all, some of the best games to make coins are:

Fast Money Making Games:
Mine Cart/Surfer
Catchen’ Some Waves
Bean Counters

Currently, this site has guides for:
Mine Cart/Surfer
Catchen’ Some Waves

Mine Surfer Guide

Most people know that \/ then space bar does the backflip, which is worth 100pts.  In this game, your score is divided by 10 to equel the amount of coins you recieve.  The best combination for this game is:

Backflip + right or left jump spin
(\/ + space + space + >)

This equels 180pts. Doing this repetedly (as most people know) gives you about 3500pts. (350 coins) if your lucky, you might get more. To improve your chance of getting 400+ coins, grind (\/ +) which usually gives you 40 to 70pts.

Catchin’ Some Waves

Just recently I have found that this game provides up to (my record) of 600+ coins! Using that you’ll rack up a bunch of coins!

I recomend buying the Silver Surfboard before using this guide, it is much, much faster. Gain speed (wait a while till you going very vest) then shoot up in the air. Do as many flips as you can buy circling the mouse round and round. To flip faster, make the circle smaller. When you are close to the wave again, click down. You should have gotten about 500pts for that. Now, before going back onto the wave (you should still be grinding the top) push the > button. This automatically doubles any score you had now you have 1000pts! Which is 100 coins in about 8 seconds! Using this you’ll become rich very fast.

Currently, thiese are the only games we have, but were looking for more.


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